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Health & Safety Policy

Praetorian’s Health & Safety Policy Statement

At Praetorian Construction Management we believe that all injuries and incidents are preventable.

The Health & Safety of all Employees, Contractors and Visitors is of the utmost importance and will always be a core value in everything we do.

We will provide leadership and resources required to continuously manage Safety and Health at work. We will endeavour to ensure all Personnel have the knowledge, training and resources to perform work in the safest, most practical manner.

We will continuously strive to exceed regulatory requirements and provide a Health & Safety Management System which allows for improvements on industry best practice to maintain a leading edge and proactive approach to health & safety.

We will conduct reviews of incidents in an open, honest and fair manner.

We require all Employees, Contractors and Visitors to be leaders in Health & Safety through compliance with the Health & Safety Management System. Our shared focus being the identification and control of hazards as well as lowering risk to the lowest practicable level.

All Personnel, be they Employees, Contractors or Engineers Representatives, share in the responsibility of providing a safe workplace and maintaining this level of Health & Safety awareness at all times.

We will ensure Praetorian’s driving principles of Leadership through direct involvement and education forms the basis of the ongoing improvements of our Health & Safety programs.

Industry Awards

Edward H. (Ted) Purvis, P.Eng.

Adrian J. Bader M. Eng., P.Eng.
Executive Vice President, International Operations

Michael P. Culleton P.Eng.
Executive Vice President, North American Operations