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Mining Operations for Large Projects

Praetorian staff are experienced and trained in all aspects of project management and infrastructure development associated with large mining projects, both surface and underground. Our expertise includes survey, earthworks, foundation, structural steel, piping, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation and hard rock mining.

Our Staff has enviable and respected history in heavy industrial construction management associated with the mining industry. Also, our strong background in trades supervision ensures that a “construction-driven focus” exists on all Praetorian-managed projects with a focus on cost management.

Praetorian’s cost control systems are designed to provide precise forecasting of budget vs actual costs throughout the project life cycle. Our detailed schedule and forecasting systems ensure early recognition of project impacts due to engineering, procurement or construction variations.

Praetorian’s priorities are focused on the safe delivery of a quality project on budget and schedule. Participation during the initial feasibility phase of a project’s development allow the benefit of constructability, maintainability and operability aspects of a site/plant layout with inclusion into a projects schedule and budget during the approval process.

Survey and Mapping

Design Support

Praetorian’s Survey and CAD Modelling Management team provides a construction focus that is able to clearly identify changes in conditions and facilitate alternatives for offsite designers.

The drawing information provided by the Praetorian team gives a clear understanding of the changes that are not easily communicated with pictures and text. This, in turn, assists in expediting solutions in order to maintain construction schedules.

Through manipulation of the collected data, our Survey and CAD Modelling Management group is able to assist both our client and the designers with feasibility- level three dimensional conceptual plans, site layouts, volumes of earthworks to facilitate estimates and as-built information for regulatory agencies.


Construction Support

Contractor production monitoring is a focus of Praetorian’s Survey and CAD Modelling Management group. This provides real-time monitoring of unit cost consumptions, volumes, as well as production rates for planning estimates and forecasts. The result provides a progressive record of installation as the earthworks is undertaken by the contractors or client.

Services provided by Praetorian’s survey and data management group on new, expansion, and reclamation projects:

  • As-built surveys and volume calculations
  • Material estimates from design drawings
  • QA survey monitoring to confirm installation compliance with design
  • Earthwork layout and planning – provide survey layout for contractor and client forces
  • Aggregate production and stockpile monitoring
  • Survey data management – collate data from multiple survey groups
  • Preliminary topographic survey of original ground features
  • Establishment of initial project survey control for new sites- Electronic base mapping of topography, facilities, utilities, and as-built earthworks that can be used for sustaining capital and future expansions
  • Drawing production – for as-builts and construction planning
  • Electronic archiving of each stage of earthworks construction
  • Digital records of utilities – buried and above ground
  • Quantity verification for unit price contracts
  • Liaise between engineers and specialist survey companies
  • Data interpretation and analysis – cross-sections and profiles
  • Training of local surveyor’s during construction to support the client in developing their own teams for operations

Praetorian uses the latest software and technologies.


Utilizing Praetorian’s constructability team clients can realize cost savings, increase quality and optimize schedule for our clients’projects.
Our team works with the client to ultimately:

  • Improve safety
  • Increase productivity and performance
  • Reduce scope creep
  • Shorten schedule
  • Improve quality
  • Save money

By integrating Praetorian’s construction expertise with the project’s design team during the conceptual engineering of a project, we can identify potential inefficiencies early and make recommendations for improvement. At this stage of the project, constructability can have the greatest impact – a small design change expense can produce significant construction cost savings and schedule performance improvements.

Our constructability team will also work with the client in the procurement, construction and commissioning stages to ensure that all opportunities to reduce costs and improve quality are realized. Through integrated planning and continuous group collaboration, the goals of a project can be achieved on time and on budget.

Civil and Earthworks

Praetorian’s selection of civil and earthworks team members for a project is based on a client’s specific needs and the team members’ experience and skills relevant to the project being undertaken.

Our experience in working in extreme northern climates and remote areas demands a unique approach to managing labour, machines and material supply. Praetorian’s extensive experience in working in the North enables us to provide clients with tried and true solutions for their Northern projects.

One unique aspect of our construction management team is the ability to provide supervision, survey and data management support to a client’s mining project. In the case of a major mining project, Praetorian has significant experience in facilitating the construction of mine site heavy earthworks projects. This experience includes the evaluation of large dam and earthworks facilities that can be easily translated to water management projects as well as large hydro electric reservoir projects.

Logistics and resource management become paramount in a remote operation. Praetorian’s experience enables us to properly tailor the project team to a variety of conditions and client demands.

Examples of how our expertise in the construction industry can be utilized on new, expansion, and reclamation projects:

  • Project identification and evaluation
  • Feasibility studies
  • Constructability reviews
  • Conceptual design and costing
  • Financial presentations
  • Selection of architects and engineers
  • Design supervision
  • Design evaluation
  • Design costing
  • Call for tender
  • Bid review and recommendations
  • Contract award
  • Direction and supervision of work
  • Defects liability lists
  • Final completion and handover of completed work

Heavy Construction Management

Praetorian’s staff has substantial experience in overseeing heavy construction management projects in a variety of sectors including mining, power generation, pulp and paper, forestry, alternate energy technologies, petrochemical and oil sands mining projects.

Our scheduling and cost control systems have roots in the precise proven “shut down” industries of power generation and petroleum projects. Our ability to plan and track work in a detailed fashion ensures accuracy and predictability throughout all phases of a project’s life cycle.

  • Earthworks
  • Foundations and Concrete
  • Structural
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Piping
  • Instrumentation

Foundations and Concrete

Foundations and ConcretePraetorian personnel ensure that a project’s concrete foundation design is optimized for construction installation. This optimization begins in the constructability review and translates to the field where we consider items such as anchor bolt placement, pour sizes, the impact of adverse weather conditions and hoarding requirements, if necessary. We work with geotechnical engineers to ensure that concrete mix designs are optimized to utilize the materials at hand when at remote sites.

In the field, we monitor the installation to ensure the work is competently installed according to the drawings and specifications.

Praetorian also provides clients with our skills and systems to provide or establish plans for:

  • Rebar Preparation and Safety considerations
  • Hoarding requirements and materials coordination
  • Batch Plant and materials transport coordination
  • Project Execution
  • Inspections
  • Testing
    • Concrete breaks
  • QC / QA


QC/QA StructuralPraetorian personnel are involved in the constructability review of the structural design of a project to ensure that it is optimized for construction installation as well as transport requirements. Other considerations also include assembly sequence and equipment availability to optimize the use of onsite resources. Praetorian also determines the optimum build sequence while taking the placement of large equipment and structural pre-assembly into account. In the field, we will continue our commitment to monitor the installation, verifying that the work is competently installed according to the drawings and specifications.

Praetorian also provides clients with our skills and systems to provide or establish plans for:

  • Project Execution – Erection Sequence
  • Inspections
    • Bolt Tension
    • Weld Examination
  • QC / QA


MechanicalPraetorian works with the client’s design group and purchasing personnel to ensure mechanical design and equipment selection is optimized for construction installation as well as transport requirements.

We follow up on the client’s equipment purchases, assembly and transportation requirements. Praetorian will review transportation considerations and coordinate the receipt of equipment on site to ensure it arrives in the condition as specified by the design requirements.

In the field, we monitor the installation of the equipment ensuring the work is competently installed according to the drawings, specifications and vendor requirements.

Praetorian also provides clients with our skills and systems to provide or establish plans for:

  • Project Execution
  • Inspections
    • Mechanical Alignment
    • Equipment Specific Inspections
    • Weld Examination
  • QC / QA

Electrical and Instrumentation

Electrical & InstrumentationPraetorian personnel bring their industrial electrical expertise to each project assisting the designer and client in the overall review of the project’s power requirements. Power distribution methods and routes are analyzed by the Praetorian team to identify the most cost effective and safe methods for bringing power to where it is needed.

While doing the review of a project’s electrical requirements, the standard operating voltages at a specific site are taken into consideration along with available existing equipment and lead time and availability of new equipment. Once in place, electrical distribution systems require rapid and effective controls for efficient and stable operation. Our knowledge of electrical instrumentation ensures proper equipment is both specified and installed.

In the field, Praetorian works with the electrical contractors to ensure that the installation is completed in a safe and efficient manner. We work with design engineers to review the workmanship and confirm that all has been installed to code.

Praetorian also provides clients with our skills and systems to provide or establish plans for:

  • Project Execution
  • Inspections
  • Testing
    • Megger
    • High pot
  • Equipment calibration certification standards
  • QC / QA


PipingPraetorian reviews the constructability of the engineering piping design searching for opportunities to minimize field work through optimized pipe routing, shipping load size considerations and modularization opportunities.

In the field, we monitor the installation to ensure the work is competently installed according to the drawings and specifications.

Praetorian also provides clients with our skills and systems to provide or establish plans for:

  • Project Execution
  • Inspections
    • Weld Examination
    • System walkdowns
  • Testing
    • Hydro, Pneumatic and In Service Testing
  • QC / QA


Utilizing Praetorian’s Construcability team, clients can realize cost savings, increase workmanship quality and optimize the project’s construction schedule.  Through Praetorian’s integrated planning and ongoing group collaboration, the goals of a project can be achieved on time and on budget.

By integrating Praetorian’s construction expertise with the project’s design team during the conceptual engineering of a project, we can identify any potential inefficiencies early and make recommendations for improvement.

For example, Praetorian may suggest a small design change that could produce significant construction cost savings and schedule performance improvements.

Our constructability team also works with the client in the procurement, construction and commissioning stages to ensure that all opportunities to reduce costs and improve quality are realized

Project Controls

The Praetorian team provides a full project controls package for clients. We provide our services from the feasibility stage of a project through to its development, design, construction and commissioning including establishment of:

  • Work flows
  • Budgets
  • Costing
  • Scheduling
  • Procurement and logistics
  • Document control
  • Forecasting
  • Purchasing procedures and forms
  • Project planning
  • Warehousing
  • Materials management and warehousing
  • Change management
  • Work packages
  • Commissioning and project turnover

Work Flows

Depending on the client’s needs, Praetorian can integrate into the client’s work flow, customizing our system to match the client’s systems and forms, augmenting it where necessary to fulfill any additional requirements.

Our project controls package offers complete document, project and process management solutions that leverage the power and flexibility of the Internet or an on-site web server for remote locations, addressing business needs at every level of the client’s project reporting requirements.. Through Praetorian’s cutting-edge workflow automation and project management reporting, we are able to provide clients with robust collaboration and document management capabilities.


Praetorian is aware that a client’s key metrics on a project include safety, environment, cost, schedule, quality, and meeting corporate commitments on community issues. We are able to provide a team of experts with the ability to create, complete, or take an estimate and translate it into a tool that will provide the effective measurement and control for the project.

Our extensive project experience has given Praetorian an understanding of the need to have flexibility within our project execution structure. We recognize that the essence of any well-managed project is the ability, if required, to adjust and adapt the project to changing circumstances. With our front-end focus, Praetorian develops a custom package of effective management tools and meaningful manageable budget that guides a project from inception through to successful completion and commissioning.

  • The creation of a Project Execution Plan (PEP) and detailed scope.
  • Provision of construction-related input during conceptual and detailed engineering. This takes the form of logistic plans and constructability reviews with a focus on worker productivity based on efficient placement of facilities and management of the interface between traffic streams.
  • Supply of construction cost estimates independent of engineering.
  • Provide a project goal, and initiative, to “manage out” scope creep.
  • Create an effective optimized Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) that can be efficiently reported against, and is user friendly at the reporting level.
  • Development of a Project Master Schedule (PMS) that reflects the PEP and sets the stage for contractor input.
  • It is essential the contractor’s construction schedule reflects the PMS and the WBS in order to ensure the detail required for budget tracking and forecasting is included in the PMS during the initial stages of the contractors’ construction schedule development. This will ensure consistency between both systems and impart a strong sense of schedule ownership by the contractor.
  • Perform formal risk assessment reviews that identify budget contingencies and how they will be managed.
  • Provide a plan for quantitative tracking for the project that gathers the information to confirm budget tracking and supports strong forecasting. This will form the basis of historical data for a client’s future use.
  • Create an effective Communications Plan and organizational structure developed though the use of a responsibility (RASI) matrix. Inefficient communications equate to wasted time resulting in a strong negative influence on project performance and consequently the budget.
  • Develop of an efficient and detailed project logistics plan that is clearly communicated and includes all aspects of procurement and materials management. These plans include process flow charts, clear roles and responsibilities, and contact information for the key personnel.
  • The implementation of a project policy of “NO SURPRISES” that provides early warning for the “Murphy” issues that arise throughout a project life.
  • The early development, with a clear understanding, of the systems turn-over plan to set the stage for efficient planning of the work through construction and engineering work packages.


To reduce costs, Praetorian becomes involved at the earliest stage of the project to establish a controls system suitable for planning, design, engineering, purchasing, construction, and commissioning.

For individual tasks or on a project basis, Praetorian lays out a structure and cost basis to capture all aspects of planning, scheduling, materials issuing, installation, inspection, and testing to enable accurate forecasting and cost projections. Praetorian works with the client to ensure that the systems developed will interface with existing client systems and structures or stand alone if necessary.


Praetorian understands the importance of scheduling as it pertains to the management of all projects, from green field mega projects to small plant expansions. Our experienced project schedulers utilize industry standard Primavera scheduling software to ensure projects proceed on schedule and in the most cost efficient manner possible.

We provide support for all levels of scheduling- from creating a high level feasibility plan to carefully scrutinizing a contractor’s most detailed schedule for potential concerns such as congestion, manpower, and sequencing. Praetorian is effective in using the schedule as a tool to strategically plan the project and adapt that plan to changing conditions through regular progress and schedule updates.

Material Management and Warehousing

Praetorian’s material and warehouse management team provides expertise in inventory control, purchasing and expediting. We recognize effectiveness in warehouse planning, receiving and data integrity of inventory is essential to minimizing cost and time impacts due to misplaced or lost inventory. Praetorian provides knowledge, accountability, leadership and professionalism to augment or establish a client’s material management needs.

Procurement and Logistics

Logistics and resource management become paramount in managing the construction of a major industrial project, particularly one situated in a remote location. Praetorian’s Procurement and Logistics Group works with clients at an early stage to identify and enhance the program/project deliverables for constructability. This is done by utilizing our construction management experience to establish a flexible service team that incorporates the project requirements to build and implement a specific strategic sourcing plan. This plan builds upon our philosophies of:

  • Keeping client needs first
  • Integrity in all dealings to create an atmosphere of trust and increase partner satisfaction
  • Establishing long term relationships with a core group of high caliber, experienced supply chain partners that are focused on ensuring the project delivery is as efficient as possible
  • Where possible source local firms to provide spinoff economic value to the region
  • Incorporate continuous feedback from internal and external sources such as suppliers, subcontractors and clients to improve our services at all levels
  • Minimize excess waste in shipping and establish project initiatives that will benefit the environment

Praetorian project teams use their expertise in optimizing construction to track and improve every stage of performance in the procurement and logistics supply chain to deliver superior value to the project.

We continuously monitor and manage performance against rigorous internal and external performance measurements to ensure we improve in our long-term relationships with suppliers and subcontractors. This is done so that Praetorian can consistently ensure projects are supported with innovative policies and programs to provide superior customer value.

Commissioning and Project Turnover

At a projects inception, Praetorian establishes work groups with the client to identify project requirements and to establish the degree of involvement the client wishes to take with respect to the commissioning and turnover phases of the project. We then incorporate the client’s requirements into the project’s commissioning and turnover plan.

This plan schedules the identified client’s internal and external benchmarks and regulatory approvals to provide a smooth transition to client ownership and operation of the completed project.

At the time of commissioning and turnover Praetorian provides a set of documentation that the client may refer to throughout the life cycle of the completed project. Praetorian recognizes the organization and presentation of these documents is a very important aspect of our turnover packages.

Our collective experience is inclusive of industries such as:

  • power generation
  • mining
  • oil and gas
  • oil sands
  • ethanol
  • infrastructure
  • forestry
  • pulp and paper
  • marine
  • manufacturing