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About Us

Praetorian Construction Management has experience in a diverse field of industrial construction including: mining–open pit and underground, petrochemical, power, refineries, survey, dams, roadways, pulp and paper, water treatment plants, natural gas –pipelines and compressor stations, forestry and marine.

Given our team’s unique project management skills, Praetorian offers a complete portfolio of services from reviewing a project’s feasibility through to mine operations. We have both the experience and tools for establishing project control systems, contract management, purchasing services and construction management.

Who We Are

We are mining construction and project management specialists. While our project experience spans most major industrial sectors, we have developed a reputation as an expert in the mining sector.

Leadership & Teamwork

We build leaders who lead their team using effective communication and a focus on continuous improvement to achieve team excellence. Through this, we are able to provide exceptional and reliable project management services to our clients.

Balanced Approach

Our team comprises of roughly one-third Trades, one-third Technologists and one-third Engineers which provides a balanced approach to managing projects and the contractors who deliver the projects. Our team excels in both technical expertise and the soft skills required to lead.

Footprints & Cultural Sensitivity

We have worked on projects across Canada, US, Central & South America and Eurasia. We have an understanding of various cultures and are able to work efficiently while being sensitive to the local culture.

Mission, Vision & Goals


Provide exceptional reliable project management services to select clients in the resource sector through team excellence, leadership, effective communications and a focus on continuous improvement.


Develop an elite team of project management specialists who provide our clients with expertise for the development and construction of projects at both new and existing facilities in the resource sector.

Continuously strive to develop a culture of excellence between our contractors and ourselves that is evolutionary; having the potential to grow, adapt and excel in an ever-changing work landscape.


Create a legacy of excellence in the work Praetorian Construction Management does for our clients.

Be recognized by our clients, industry and our team for developing a built-to-last group of professionals who retain and promote a balance between work and family.

Build on our reputation as a leader in the management of resource projects in remote locations worldwide.

Instill a safety culture of ‘zero harm’ on every project.

Why Praetorian?

Project Execution and Engineering Independence

We are at arm’s length to the engineering efforts giving us the ability to make recommendations and take actions that are unbiased and transparent.

Efficient & Economical Multi-Functional Teams

Our teams are cross-trained, leading to non-duplication of roles without sacrificing quality. This is especially important for rotational shift works.

Global Experience & Adaptability

Our ability to adapt to new environments, cultures and market locations. We understand what it takes to operate in international markets.

Flexibility & Integrated Team Approach

Our experience working as an integrated project management team alongside client personnel and/or other organizations gives us a unique advantage in the industry.

Management Team

Edward H. (Ted) Purvis P.Eng.


With over 38 years of heavy industrial construction experience, Ted has accepted progressively senior site and supporting roles, attaining executive seniority in a well known industrial contractor prior to moving to Praetorian.

Ted has led many feasibility and planning efforts for a variety of large industrial projects. He continues to provide economical, quality project management services to the mining industry through the development of seasoned strong project teams. His career includes projects in a broad range of industries such as marine, power, pulp and paper, petrochemical, ethanol, wind and mining.

His mining experience spans two decades of international projects with large to intermediate sized mining organizations. Ted has consistently demonstrated an aptitude for project process systems and has taken a strong role in providing guidance and advice to his clients.

Ted received his B.Sc. in mechanical engineering from the University of Manitoba and is a member of the Associations of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta and British Columbia.

Adrian J. Bader M. Eng., P.Eng.

Executive Vice President, International Operations

Adrian has over 32 years of experience in the construction industry. During his career, Adrian has acted in the role of owner, engineer, and contractor and has worked in the infrastructure, mining, petrochemical, and power sectors.

His experience and strengths include: project planning, budgeting, and team leadership; direct-hire labour management; and independent project reviews. Adrian’s proactive management style and leadership ability, along with strong interpersonal and communication skills, supports a practical approach to construction. He also brings knowledge of cold regions engineering and construction methods for remote projects.

Adrian received his B.Sc. in civil engineering and his M.Eng. in construction engineering and management from the University of Alberta. He is a member of the Associations of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta and the Northwest Territories.

Michael P. Culleton P.Eng.

Executive Vice President, North American Operations

Michael has over 30 years of construction experience with a strong project controls and engineering background. The greatest portion of his career has been spent on mining projects but Michael has also constructed facilities for the power industry, natural gas, refineries, oil sands, pulp and paper, forestry, highways and agriculture.

He has developed strong client relationships and consistently demonstrates an aptitude for obtaining excellence from his project teams. Michael’s in depth knowledge of management and controls, combined with a broad spectrum of construction knowledge and strong leadership skills, has contributed to a reputation of competence, integrity and loyalty both within project teams and with clients.

Michael is a member of the Associations of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta.

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