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Newmont Mining Corp Conga Mine


The Conga project is an open pit copper/gold mine. The project covers a vast area of approx. 6000 ha and involves a substantial amount of earthworks infrastructure in a remote area of the Peruvian Andes. The average elevation is approximately 3800 m and there is significant water management required during the wet season where annual rainfalls can exceed 1.2m.


  • 20 water storage dams, tailings dams, and sediment ponds
  • 25 km of water diversion channels
  • 70 km of permanent and temporary roads
  • 25M m3 of contractor excavated earthworks
  • 10M m3 of Mine Operations supplied rock fill for earthworks structures


Survey Data Control, Cadd Modeling and Site Mapping:

  • Survey data and Cadd Modelling management – collate data from multiple survey groups, overall site map information management, as-builts, quantity and quality control for contractor payment, and aggregate quantity management
  • Management of survey groups
  • Prepare maps and related print media for use in public social presentations

Value Engineering / Constructability:

  • General design reviews for constructability
  • Integration of Mine Operations resources to provide less expensive bulk rock fill to earthworks structures
  • Alignment optimization of roads and other liner structures to reduce excavation and fill quantities
  • Cross-sectional evaluations and adjustments of earthworks structures to provide greater ease of construction
  • Sequencing of works to provide adequate basin sediment control
  • Standardization of aggregate product specifications between multiple designers

Civil and Earthworks:

  • Estimate and contract package preparation support
  • Supervision of earthworks construction
  • Interface between Owner, Engineer, and Contractor
  • Coordination between Mine Operations and earthworks contractors
  • Site wide water management and sediment controlSelection of works for local contractors and coordination of local contractors scope within the activities of the primary earthworks contractor

Project Controls:

  • Quantity, Cost and Schedule monitoring
  • Material and Equipment management
  • Management of processed aggregates
  • Quantity and quality control of earthworks volumes


Newmont (Yanacocha – MYSRL)


Conga Mine Site
Cajamarca, Peru

Praetorian's Scope

Earthworks Project and Construction Management, Value Engineering & Constructability, Survey Data Control and Cadd Modeling Management


2010 – 2014