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Engineering Support and Constructability

Praetorian provides assistance to its clients by way of input and review of feasibility studies and other technical reports. We work with client’s ownership and design teams to improve the quality of their studies and technical reports.

Praetorian also provide project supports through engineering review and support. We provide value engineering services, and constructability review and input. This ensures that projects are planned and designed with a focus on construction as construction is where the most resources are spent.

Utilizing Praetorian’s Constructability team, clients can realize cost savings, increase workmanship quality and optimize the project’s construction schedule.

Through Praetorian’s integrated planning and ongoing group collaboration, the goals of a project can be achieved on time and on budget. By integrating Praetorian’s construction expertise with the project’s design team during the conceptual engineering of a project, we can identify any potential inefficiencies early and make recommendations for improvement.

For example, Praetorian may suggest a small design change that could produce significant construction cost savings and schedule performance improvements. Our constructability team also works with the client in the procurement, construction and commissioning stages to ensure that all opportunities to reduce costs and improve quality are realized.

Other similar areas where we may be of help include Project identification and evaluation, Conceptual design and costing, Selection of architects and engineers, and Design supervision and evaluation.

Other Services