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Goldcorp Inc. Penasquito Mine – CLR Project


Goldcorp’s Peñasquito Mine CLR (Centerline Raise) project is a brownfield expansion of the tailings facility and tailings systems. The project involves the construction of lined tailings dams, reclaim ponds, access roads, tailings pumping systems, tailings discharge and water reclaim systems for the purpose of increasing the overall capacity of the tailings storage facility.


Praetorian provided Project Management services by integrating with the Goldcorp personnel as part of the owners’ team.

Responsibilities included:

Stage Gate/Feasibility:

  • Estimate, Planning, and Scheduling
  • Value Engineering and Constructability

General Execution:

  • Contract Development and Management
  • Site Supervision
  • Survey Management
  • Training of Goldcorp Staff for future tailings facility raises.
  • Engineering Management
  • Heavy Equipment Operator training of local residents.
  • 220 person camp expansion

Civil and Earthworks:

  • External Reclaim Ponds Excavation and liner installation
  • Tailings Dam Embankments – lined and unlined
  • Quantities
    o 20M M3 Bulk Excavation
    o 13M M3 Bulk Mine Waste Rock Fill
    o 790,000 M2 of geomembrane liner

Process: Full Multi-Discipline Facilities for:

  • Reclaim Water Collection, Storage and Return System
  • Upgraded Tailings Pumping/Distribution System
  • Quantities
    o 15 km of LB Pipe
    o 8.3 km of cable
    o 28 Large diameter pumps

Project Controls :

  • Cost and Schedule control
  • QA/QC management
  • Document Control
  • Cost control system evaluation, selection and implementation


Goldcorp Inc.


Penasquito Mine Site,
Zacatecas, Mexico

Praetorian's Scope

Project Management, Construction Management, Cost Control, Scheduling, Constructability, and CM Team Training.


2016 – 2019