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Procurement and Logistics

The procurement strategy is a major component of a successful project. Engaging Praetorian on front end planning of purchasing and contracting strategies ensures that clients can take advantage of Praetorian’s experience and lessons learnt over the years.

Logistics and resource management become paramount in managing the construction of a major industrial project, particularly one situated in a remote location. Praetorian’s Procurement and Logistics Group works with clients at an early stage to identify and enhance the program/project deliverables for constructability. This is done by utilizing our construction management experience to establish a flexible service team that incorporates the project requirements to build and implement a specific strategic sourcing plan. This plan builds upon our philosophies of:

  • Keeping client needs first
  • Integrity in all dealings to create an atmosphere of trust and increase partner satisfaction
  • Establishing long term relationships with a core group of high-caliber, experienced supply chain partners that are focused on ensuring the project delivery is as efficient as possible
  • Where possible source local firms to provide spinoff economic value to the region
  • Incorporate continuous feedback from internal and external sources such as suppliers, subcontractors and clients to improve our services at all levels
  • Minimize excess waste in shipping and establish project initiatives that will benefit the environment

Praetorian is then able to support our clients in their procurement needs including Call for tender, Bid review and recommendations and Contract award.

Praetorian project teams use their expertise in optimizing construction to track and improve every stage of performance in the procurement and logistics supply chain to deliver superior value to the project.

We continuously monitor and manage performance against rigorous internal and external performance measurements to ensure we improve in our long-term relationships with suppliers and subcontractors. This is done so that Praetorian can consistently ensure projects are supported with innovative policies and programs to provide superior customer value.

Praetorian’s material and warehouse management team provides expertise in inventory control, purchasing and expediting. We recognize effectiveness in warehouse planning, receiving and data integrity of inventory is essential to minimizing cost and time impacts due to misplaced or lost inventory. Praetorian provides knowledge, accountability, leadership and professionalism to augment or establish a client’s material management needs.

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