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Project Controls

Praetorian Project Controls team have diverse experience over the years. Our team performs a careful review of project requirements including for active project control, contractor management, reporting and post-project data requirements for operations. The team then selects the optimum tools for managing the project. We set up the project to ensure all requirements are met for a successful project delivery.

The Praetorian team provides a full project controls package for clients. We provide our services from the feasibility stage of a project through to its development, design, construction and commissioning including establishment of:

  • Work flows
  • Budgets
  • Costing
  • Scheduling
  • Integration with procurement and logistics
  • Document control
  • Forecasting
  • Change management
  • Purchasing procedures and forms
  • Project planning
  • Warehousing
  • Materials management and warehousing
  • Work packages
  • Commissioning and project turnover

Work Flows

Depending on the client’s needs, Praetorian can integrate into the client’s work flow, customizing our system to match the client’s systems and forms, augmenting it where necessary to fulfill any additional requirements.

Our project controls package offers complete document, project and process management solutions that leverage the power and flexibility of the Internet or an on-site web server for remote locations, addressing business needs at every level of the client’s project reporting requirement. Through Praetorian’s cutting-edge workflow automation and project management reporting, we are able to provide clients with robust collaboration and document management capabilities.


Praetorian is aware that a client’s key metrics on a project include safety, environment, cost, schedule, quality, and meeting corporate commitments on community issues. We are able to provide a team of experts with the ability to create, complete, or take an estimate and translate it into a tool that will provide the effective measurement and control for the project.

Our extensive project experience has given Praetorian an understanding of the need to have flexibility within our project execution structure. We recognize that the essence of any well-managed project is the ability, if required, to adjust and adapt the project to changing circumstances. With our front-end focus, Praetorian develops a custom package of effective management tools and meaningful manageable budget that guides a project from inception through to successful completion and commissioning:

  • The creation of a Project Execution Plan (PEP) and detailed scope.
  • Provision of construction-related input during conceptual and detailed engineering. This takes the form of logistic plans and constructability reviews with a focus on worker productivity based on efficient placement of facilities and management of the interface between traffic streams.
  • Supply of construction cost estimates independent of engineering.
  • Providing a project goal, and initiative, to “manage out” scope creep.
  • Creating an effective optimized Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) that can be efficiently reported against and is user friendly at the reporting level.
  • Development of a Project Master Schedule (PMS) that reflects the PEP and sets the stage for contractor input.
  • Ensuring that the contractor’s construction schedule reflects the PMS and the WBS in order to ensure the detail required for budget tracking and forecasting is included in the PMS during the initial stages of the contractors’ construction schedule development. This ensures consistency between both systems and impart a strong sense of schedule ownership by the contractor.
  • Performing a formal risk assessment reviews that identify budget contingencies and how they will be managed.
  • Providing a plan for quantitative tracking for the project that gathers the information to confirm budget tracking and supports strong forecasting. This will form the basis of historical data for a client’s future use.
  • Create an effective Communications Plan and organizational structure developed though the use of a responsibility (RASI) matrix. Inefficient communications equate to wasted time resulting in a strong negative influence on project performance and consequently the budget.
  • Develop of an efficient and detailed project logistics plan that is clearly communicated and includes all aspects of procurement and materials management. These plans include process flow charts, clear roles and responsibilities, and contact information for the key personnel.
  • The implementation of a project policy of “NO SURPRISES” that provides early warning for the “Murphy” issues that arise throughout a project life.
  • The early development, with a clear understanding, of the systems turn-over plan to set the stage for efficient planning of the work through construction and engineering work packages.


To reduce costs, Praetorian becomes involved at the earliest stage of the project to establish a controls system suitable for planning, design, engineering, purchasing, construction, and commissioning.

For individual tasks or on a project basis, Praetorian lays out a structure and cost basis to capture all aspects of planning, scheduling, materials issuing, installation, inspection, and testing to enable accurate forecasting and cost projections. Praetorian works with the client to ensure that the systems developed will interface with existing client systems and structures or stand alone if necessary.


Praetorian understands the importance of scheduling as it pertains to the management of all projects, from green field mega projects to small plant expansions. Our experienced project schedulers utilize industry standard Primavera scheduling software to ensure projects proceed on schedule and in the most cost-efficient manner possible.

We provide support for all levels of scheduling- from creating a high-level feasibility plan to carefully scrutinizing a contractor’s most detailed schedule for potential concerns such as congestion, manpower, and sequencing. Praetorian is effective in using the schedule as a tool to strategically plan the project and adapt that plan to changing conditions through regular progress and schedule update

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