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Quality, Commissioning and Turnover

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Praetorian performs Quality Assurance and Quality Control on its multidiscipline projects. Working with the Design team, we ensure that all the appropriate tools are established to guide the contractor in delivering a top-quality project. Whether it is Civil, Concrete, Mass Earthworks, Mechanical, Piping, Electrical or Instrumentation, Praetorian builds Quality into its delivery approach and ensure that the contractors that we manage execute projects following the required Quality standards.

Praetorian Quality team has vast experience in performing Quality Control on large and medium projects. We have developed effective processes that are deployed to ensure that all project Quality requirements are met.

Commissioning & Turnover

At a project’s inception, Praetorian establishes work groups with the client to identify project requirements and to establish the degree of involvement the client wishes to take with respect to the commissioning and turnover phases of the project. We then incorporate the client’s requirements into the project’s commissioning and turnover plan.

This plan schedules the identified client’s internal and external benchmarks and regulatory approvals to provide a smooth transition to client ownership and operation of the completed project.

At the time of commissioning and turnover Praetorian provides a set of documentation that the client may refer to throughout the life cycle of the completed project. Praetorian recognizes the organization and presentation of these documents is a very important aspect of our turnover packages.

Our collective experience is inclusive of industries such as:

    • power generation
    • mining
    • oil and gas
    • oil sands
    • ethanol
    • infrastructure
    • forestry
    • pulp and paper
    • marine
    • manufacturing

Praetorian ensures that the project is properly handed over to the end users and that they are properly trained using various vendor representatives. We work with client asset management teams to ensure that all relevant spares are procured.

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