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Praetorian offers a range of services to clients in the industrial sector. From Early Planning to Project Turnover, we optimize the value added to our clients through projects that are executed safely and delivered on time and on budget. Below are a list of some of the services we offer. We are always available to discuss our clients’ unique project services request.

Engineering Support and Constructability

Praetorian provides assistance to its clients by way of input and review of feasibility studies and other technical reports. We work with client’s ownership and design teams to improve the quality of their studies and technical reports.

Utilizing Praetorian’s Constructability team, clients can realize cost savings, increase workmanship quality and optimize the project’s construction schedule. 

Early Planning and Financing Support

Praetorian provides early project planning services to its clients to ensure that project execution is aligned with project goals. We believe that the best value is obtained when projects are properly setup at the beginning and that course-correction later in the project comes at a greater cost. Praetorian helps its clients in developing project budgets, validating project budgets, and financial presentations to third parties.

Procurement and Logistics

The procurement strategy is a major component of a successful project. Engaging Praetorian on front end planning of purchasing and contracting strategies ensures that clients can take advantage of Praetorian’s experience and lessons learnt over the years.

Logistics and resource management become paramount in managing the construction of a major industrial project, particularly one situated in a remote location.

Project Controls

Praetorian Project Controls team have diverse experience over the years. Our team performs a careful review of project requirements including for active project control, contractor management, reporting and post-project data requirements for operations. The team then selects the optimum tools for managing the project. We set up the project to ensure all requirements are met for a successful project delivery.

Construction Management

One unique aspect of our construction management team is the ability to provide supervision, survey and data management support to a client’s mining project. In the case of a major mining project, Praetorian has significant experience in facilitating the construction of mine site heavy earthworks projects. This experience includes the evaluation of large dam and earthworks facilities that can be easily translated to water management projects as well as large hydro electric reservoir projects.

Quality, Commissioning and Turnover

Praetorian performs Quality Assurance and Quality Control on its multidiscipline projects. Working with the Design team, we ensure that all the appropriate tools are established to guide the contractor in delivering a top-quality project. Whether it is Civil, Concrete, Mass Earthworks, Mechanical, Piping, Electrical or Instrumentation, Praetorian builds Quality into its delivery approach and ensure that the contractors that we manage execute projects following the required Quality standards.